Competition (Antitrust) law

Competition law, also referred to as antitrust or cartel law issues can have a decisive influence on the economic success of a company: Whether a large-scale merger or a new cooperation in sales – in both cases, special issues must be examined in order to eliminate competition risks.

bock legal is well-versed in the assessment of various facts under competition law: We review distribution agreements for admissibility under competition law and, together with our clients, ensure the effectiveness of license provisions, exclusivity agreements or discount and pricing arrangements. In the case of cooperation between competitors, we advise companies on how they can enforce cooperation in the market in a legally compliant manner and with a focus on their business objectives.

We represent our clients in abuse and fine proceedings, before the national antitrust authorities, in particular the Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt), and also in court against competitors, for example in cases of discrimination or boycotts.

If the award of public contracts is infringed by illegal tendering practices, we represent the interests of the bidders. We help to safeguard chances of being awarded a contract and review complex offers of bidders for legal conformity. If there is cause for complaint proceedings or review proceedings, we conduct these on behalf of our clients vis-à-vis the tendering bodies and before the competent public procurement chambers.