Unfair competition law

In an increasingly fierce competition, the line between aggressive and unfair marketing is crossed quickly. Legal action is recommended without delay in the case of illegal business practices, but also when trade secrets have fallen into the wrong hands. Here, unfair competition law regulates how companies may deal with each other in competition and in particular what they may not do. Especially due to the Europeanisation of unfair competition law, the legal situation is changing constantly; the legality of unfair competition law cases must always be reviewed.

Profound knowledge of the current individual case law on the German Unfair Competition Act (UWG) and related ancillary laws characterises the competence of bock legal in this special field, as well as on the law of trade secrets according to the Law on Trade Secrets. We are familiar with the subject matter due to our many years of experience and can therefore successfully navigate through this complex, constantly changing legal field.

Our continuous nationwide presence in front of all major unfair competition chambers and senates in Germany and the constant observation of European developments enable us to make appropriate decisions in the shortest time possible – for example im preliminary injunction proceedings.

We advise and represent both large companies, including a leading telecommunications provider, a leading DIY chain, retailers and medium-sized companies. We advise advertising agencies and retailers on the design and implementation of advertising measures.