Wine and Wine Making Law

Germany is one of the largest wine consumer markets in the world, offering a lucrative business proposition to wine producers from other EU countries and the rest of the world.

Companies wishing to market and distribute wines in Germany need legal guidance to navigate the many laws and regulations governing production, distribution and sale of wine in the EU.

The EU market reforms of recent decades offer the wine industry a number of new marketing opportunities, es- pecially in the marking and labelling of wines. However, taking advantage of these and operating confidently requires sound legal knowledge and planning.

For years, our team of experts has partnered with companies of various orientation and size in the wine industry.

We offer the perfect combination of skills to help you navigate this complex area of the law:
• specialist knowledge and experience in the laws pertaining to wine,
• proven competence in competition and trademark law,
• a solid background in all areas of commercial legal practice.

Experts in the Law of Wine
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