Legal form:
Legal form: Partnership company with limited professional liability
Registered office: Frankfurt am Main
Partnership register: AG Frankfurt am Main, PR 1994

Partners in the sense of the German Partnership Act: Dr. Andreas Bock, Michael Fügen, Stefan Bank, Dr. Jan D. Müller-Broich, Dr. Dirk Schmitz, Dr. Reinhard Döring, Daniel Al-Hami, Benedikt Frank

VAT No.:
DE 198985870

Professional title and competent chamber:
The lawyers of the partnership (Rechtsanwälte) are admitted under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany and are members of the
Frankfurt am Main Bar Association
Bockenheimer Anlage 36, 60322 Frankfurt
Tel.: 0049/69/170098-01, Fax: 00049/69/170098-50

Professional liability insurance:
Allianz Versicherungs-AG
Königinstraße 28
D-80802 Munich
Tel.: +49 / (0) 89 / 38 00 – 0
Fax: +49 / (0) 89 / 38 00 – 34 25

Territorial scope: Europe

Professional regulations:
BRAO Federal Lawyers’ Act
BORA Professional code of conduct for lawyers
Specialist lawyer regulations
BRAGO Federal Lawyers’ Fees Act
RVG Lawyers’ Compensation Act
GwG Anti-Money Laundering Act, Order of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers pursuant to Section 14 (4) sentence 2 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act together with explanations
EuRAG European Federation of Older Persons
Professional rules of lawyers in the European Community

Extra-judicial settlement of disputes:

In the case of extra-judicial disputes between lawyers and their clients, there is the possibility of extra-judicial dispute resolution at the regional bar association in Frankfurt am Main upon request (§ 73 (2) no. 3 in conjunction with § 73 (5) BRAO) or at the arbitration board of the bar association at the Federal Bar Association (§ 191 et seq. BRAO), which can be found on the Internet at the Federal Bar Association, e-mail: