Pharmaceutical and medical law

Pharmaceutical law, drug law, medical device law and medical law represent interdisciplinary cross-sectional matters. bock legal is active in sub-areas that are related to intellectual property or distribution law.

Our lawyers are contact persons for all questions regarding marketing. We advise on regulatory requirements, labelling of product and packaging designs, demarcation issues, distribution design including cartel law as well as on import issues, in particular the parallel import of pharmaceuticals.

Disputes regularly concern the infringement of intellectual property rights (patents and trademarks) or questions of drug advertising law.

Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical devices rely on our advice.

If cooperation in the production, research or distribution of drugs or medical devices is involved, we draft and review all types of contracts. In addition, we are active in related areas such as food and cosmetics law, especially when it comes to questions of labelling of food supplements, dietary foods and novel foods as well as the requirements of the Health Claims Regulation.